Loving What You Do to Do What You Love!

do what you loveThe idea here is that Loving what you do each day to advance your station in life is an honorable pursuit and worthy of pride in a job well done even if it is not exactly what you Love to do. It’s the attitude that you are making a living while you find your passion in a work of great impact and creativity you will share with the world.

The great Trappist monk Thomas Merton Observed “The world is full of unsuccessful businessmen who still secretly believe they were meant to be artists or writers or actors in the movies.”  Merton exhorted others instead to find meaning in an imperfect moment.       “Who is willing to be satisfied with a JOB that expresses all his limitations?” Merton asked. “He will accept such work only as a ‘means of livelihood’ while he waits to discover his ‘true vocation.'”

There is a place we are all working to get to and it’s not on any map. A family to grow, a business to build, a legacy to leave. What is your purpose? Your dream is your north star if you will to guide you in the direction of your life, your love, your difference to be made. Getting free starts in your mind as an ideal and you develop new behaviors to navigate the rough, stormy waters of a massive sea of confusion, hype and marketing noise to get to the castle that is your desire.

As people we don’t decide our future. We decide our habits and then our habits decide our future. It becomes apparent quickly that most of us get trapped in bad behaviors and poor choices because its easy to stay where we are familiar with surroundings and outcomes even when they are not what we actually want. It’s difficult to go against the flow unless we choose to acknowledge there could be a better and quicker way to get where we want to go. It will take a disciplined effort. And it is so worth it.

When we know what we are doing and why we are doing it then it is easy to see if a particular behavior or habit is advancing us to our desire. We can simply ask at every choice we are faced with “will this move me toward my goal or not?” Then we own our choice without excuse or hesitation, right or wrong, knowing it’s ours and admitting to ourselves why exactly we chose the way we did and acknowledge this as well. We made a choice weather it’s out of habit or weakness or addiction or whatever accept that we are human. We can make a different, better choice the next time.

We must be aware that Loving what we do is owning what we do and why we do it and taking that knowledge and improving on it to make better choices each day leading us closer to our dreams. This is how we will navigate to doing Work that matters and doing what we Love. Peace


What would it mean to you, “The Reader” to be able to Break out of the Rat Race, drop from the Rodent Run, escape the Hamster Habitat or clear the wall of the Mouse Maze.rat-race

If we would step back far enough to objectively view our routines, we could see that poor habits, lethargy, boredom and laziness make us nothing more than subjects in a sick sort of numbers game with a grim outcome practically guaranteed.

People don’t decide their future… They decide their habits and then their habits decide their future.        BAM !!!


juke_box_hero_tee_tshirt-p235864362756998046y0w8_400Listen purposefully to the soundtracks playing around us. What do we hear? Are the soundtracks that we are listening to repeated daily,  weekly or even for years. Think for a moment. Ask yourself, do I consume audio content to entertain myself, to pass time with something familiar, or maybe tap into an emotion or feeling from some time ago. It’s important to identify recurring themes if we want to advance our lives beyond the present existence.  The point is that “We become what we think about”. Therefore the information we consume regularly influences how we feel, what we think and what we do.

The “Problem” is, If we keep listening to the same music, the same people, the same programs we’ll stay there and won’t grow. These soundtracks are infinite in type and tempo. No two are the same, though they can be similar. Some of us are stuck in the past, some in the present and still others lost in the fantasy of future. There is no real right or wrong about this whole dynamic as long as we accept that we are in control of the soundtrack and when to play it, when to shut it off and when to change it completely. GIGO is an acronym for “Garbage In Garbage Out”. The meaning is simple to understand. If we want sweet success it won’t come from stinky struggle.

The “Solution” then is to monitor and regulate what content we consume on a daily basis. Paying close attention to who we talk to and what about. Being wary of others soundtracks is as easy as listening to what they say. Are they talking about current events that would be from news programs or print copy? Are they talking about negative or irrelevant topics driven by agendas? Or are they talking about a new idea to be more productive or efficient at work? Be mindful of these dialog’s and choose to consume content based on value and purpose. We all need to be learning new ideas and skills that will help us advance our lives.

The “Action” to take is simple in theory though difficult in practice. The band Foreigner recorded a song titled “Jukebox Hero” which  inspired this post. The story is about a character that is basically at a place he has decided he would rather not be. He chooses a different place to go that is his dream. He takes specific action and reaches for his dream with stars in his eyes and Rocks his way to the top. His action was to decide on a specific goal and work toward it relentlessly, not listening to naysayers and negative skeptics.

Choose specific goals of where you are going. Find people that are there and have what you want. Listen to what they listen to. Read what they read and do what they do. There is no way you cannot succeed.

We all have the chance to pursue our dreams and goals. We can reach them easily if we program our minds to navigate us towards them by choosing definitively, acting strongly and learning and growing like the Hero’s that we are. Start with Why you’ll discover the How. Keep the vision and passion . I’m out


Half Measures

halfmeasuresHalf measures avail us nothing. In fact Half measures only serve to move us farther away from that which we desire because we aren’t committed enough to go “all in” in the first place. Half step, Half ass, Half way, Half empty, Half full. What good is Half anything? We’ve got to go “all in” all the time for what we want in life. All in for success, All in for the girl, All in for the guy, All in for life, All in for wealth, All in for our legacy. Man, we gotta go All in for everything , everyday in every way


chainsMy thoughts right now are with all the folks who bust their asses week in and week out to provide a living for their family and loved ones and don’t understand why they feel stuck. They keep working and working at jobs that they mistakenly believe or just plain hope will provide the means to build their dreams and goals for the future. Many, many of these people, conditioned to think that if they just work hard and save a little it’ll all turn out fine, don’t ever see the light at the end of the tunnel and if they did would realize that it’s a train coming directly at them. It’s no secret that the “economic machine” needs slaves to keep up the status quo and the public school system pumps em out faster than they die off. In order to live the life their parents did or better they buy in to the lie that working hard will make all OK. Taxes, Mortgage interest, Fees, Auto loans, and credit card debt, just to name the big ones, suck the life out of the hopes and dreams of so many who haven’t learned that “The Hard Work” in success is Work that matters. Not work for works sake. Building dreams for themselves in stead of a boss or a share holder at some big corporation.  The Work that matters is building other peoples dreams by helping them solve their problems and live better lives because you cared enough to see the bigger vision. The Instruments of Bondage are all around us, distracting, luring, nudging and trapping us into elective slavery. We must see that we ourselves are responsible for our own lot in life and the solution is simple. Not easy, but very simple. Discipline, Good choices and Doing the Work that Matters Breaks the Bondage. Go Now, Go Free!


cult of likeabilityWhat is everybody doing? Not much!  Probably a very good reason to do something different. Jim Rohn speaks of this on his “Challenge To Succeed” audio set.  “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much”.  So, What is the plan, the purpose, the outcome, the Goal to be attained? What will be accomplished in 2016 to achieve success or fulfillment in our life?

The “Problem” is, We don’t set specific concrete goals for what we want to accomplish each day, each week or each month. How then can we possibly expect to tackle annual goals and desires? If we won’t sit down and take the same time we would spend on a grocery list for the weeks food stuffs on a 7 day task guide to build a better life then we have only ourselves to blame for the position we are in. Most of us don’t believe we can really succeed because we weren’t born into the right family or aren’t smart enough or not skilled enough or qualified or whatever the reason that we come up with at any given time. Truth is we can do anything we want if we choose to do it then take action on that choice.

So, the “Solution” is to believe we can do great things, pick the great things we’ll do and do them. We have all the ability, all the skills, all the resources and all the energy. Replace Limiting Beliefs with Liberating Truths. It’s all in our heads. Believe that if someone else can do it so can we. Discard fear and uncertainty as well as doubt. The solution is to change the mindset, the perception, the paradigm. Move out of the dark and into the light, letting confidence be our guide to a better life.

The call to “Action” Is set 5 or 6 Big Goals for the year ahead then,

Believe you can win and forge past limiting beliefs.

Get past the past, knowing the future is not equal to the past.

Make the Goals specific, concrete and with a deadline.

Know your Why. The emotional reason the goals are important and valuable.

Get started Now.  Don’t get caught in “analysis paralysis”. Just do something towards your goal.

May you have the Best Year Ever


irish luckThe “PROBLEM” with “LUCK” is that of a perspective in which someone views the good fortune or even bad fortune of somebody else or themselves as a lottery form of circumstantial happening, when in fact the person receiving the “LUCK”, good or bad, likely had a whole lot more to do with it than immediately believed.  Luck is for the most part a choice. Do we want Good Luck, Average Luck or Bad Luck? Most would say, “I want Good Luck” but their habits of thought and activity would most probably indicate a different choice.  A simple example would be, let’s say skateboarding. We’ll assume all safety gear is in place. If you skateboard at the park on the walkways, you should experience “Good Luck” while skating. If you skate at the skate park on hips, and bowls with edges, transitions and vertical sections, you could expect the kind of Luck we will call “average” meaning you are going to be falling regularly as you learn to skate this type of terrain. Finally then you decide to skate home on the freeway in rush hour traffic at night with dark clothing on. You have now been introduced to “Bad Luck”. Was this “Luck” purely accidental , random or a lottery style happening? No. It’s simply a bad choice to act or think in a way or ways that would increase the chances of your fortune being less than “Good”. We all want “Good Luck” but so few recognize the fact we influence our “Luck” by the choices we make every day .

The “SOLUTION” is then to choose “Good Luck”. Take responsibility for every thought and action while weighing the potential outcome for alignment with the desired goal or end. Like navigating a great sea to end up at a predetermined destination we must constantly make corrections to our course to counteract undercurrents in water and the winds that will surely blow. These currents and winds are “Out There”  and will certainly land us in the rocks if we allow it. Acting and thinking like the currents and winds are forcing upon us unmanageable circumstances is irresponsible at best and stupid at the worst. Let us not allow “out there” to determine our feelings or reality with regard to our reaching our landing point or goal.

Our “ACTION” then should be to understand completely and believe wholeheartedly that we can indeed get to where we desire to be regardless of what goes on with the wind and sea. Let us take every opportunity to think positive, be positive and associate with positive people who are going where we want to go in life. Take actions that will advance us in the direction of success and fulfillment in each aspect of our lives. Seek to help others reach their goals as well and always be learning from the great teachings of the people who have gone before and left a trail for us to follow. It’s not rocket science, that only a few can understand. It’s a handful of simple principles, thoughts and actions. I’ve said it before. It’s all in our heads.

Wake Up Productive

morning sun beachIn this post I want to help you see where our habitual thoughts and actions can make or break our productivity and ultimate success!

The Problem is most of us wake up not looking forward to the day ahead either because we are trapped in a dead end job or we lack the resources to go be somewhere or do something we truly enjoy. If we continue to do the same things and think the same thoughts that we are used to each day, we will keep getting the same outcome. I’ve heard it said, “If you want things in your life to change, You’ll have to change things in your life”. No matter where we go, there we are. This little saying should be an insight into the idea of “I did it”.  That, wherever we go, there we are. That’s us there with all our stuff. This insight would suggest that we are both the problem and the solution. You see if someone or something else is the problem, we don’t have a solution.

The solution then is to view any and all problems or challenges as circumstances that we ourselves created or behaved ourselves into. Period. Then we can create or behave ourselves right out and into solutions and freedom. The perspective or paradigm from which we view any situation will ultimately determine whether we are negative or positive about why we are there and how we move forward from that place. Feeling trapped is not empowering and the simple act of changing our mindset and perception of any circumstance is the most freeing action we can take.

The action is to assume total responsibility for our location and position in every setting.  Take control of self confidently and completely. Set out with surety that all you want and need is within your grasp because of the abundance of all things and ideas necessary to change the current reality. Really, as I have stated before, it’s all in our head. Every circumstance is only what it is as a matter of our thoughts about it.  Set goals at night before going to sleep of just what the new day will bring in the way of opportunity and abundance, friendship and gratitude. Then when the day breaks greet it with those thoughts in mind. Seek it and you will find it.

Leadership and Freedom

pullLeadership is “making something happen that otherwise would not have occurred”.  Knowledge often assumes wisdom when at the most knowledge is conceptual without being invested in an activity that can produce a result to be studied and quantified. Merely talking about statistics, dreaming of outcomes, arguing data or even prior accomplishments weather they be ours or someone else’s, does nothing to advance the human condition without action. Talk is cheap and opinions are of plenty. The leaders of this great world are often quiet activists of ideas and theories others will talk of but never act on.

Freedom is “Being able to do whatever one desires whenever one desires to do it”. Freedom of choice does not mean you are free. Choices bring with them great responsibility. And discipline is required to effectively make responsible choices. When we desire to be free but we buy an 80 thousand dollar car on credit we sign up for bondage to a payment that takes our freedom away a little bit at a time until we are slaves to a machine and caged by a system of Trivia, Tasks, Transactions and Tolls.

We all must resist the temptation to engage in mindless conversations and activities with or about things and people that we cannot or in fact will not act to advance in an effort to better the world. Let’s all do what we can to help others live free by teaching them how to get out from under the burden of debt and distraction and be leaders in their relationships, companies and communities.

That’s my two cents for the day. I invite you to leave me a comment, thumbs up or down.

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I’ll dive into T4 in another post.

Dream Weaver

dream castleWe all have dreams, aspirations, and desires. The important thing to keep in mind is to not let them become passing hopes or wishes but to keep them alive like a fire you add wood to in order that it keeps you driven to strive for the attainment of it.

Keep your dream in front of you with a burning desire to create it and make it real. Your dream will become the focal point of your efforts to climb the ladder of success and the Key is to help others reach their dreams and goals as the process develops.

Zig Ziglar said “You can have everything you want if you will first help enough other people get what they want”.

Start this way.

First, Inspire others to dream and dream big. Build people up genuinely and they will build your dream. Conveying a confidence that they can build their dreams and that you believe they can even if they do not.

Second, Protect those dreams from the dream stealers, those people who say they can’t do that or it won’t work or whatever. We can do anything if we decide it and ride it until it’s done. We have more influence than we think we do when it comes to helping people believe in themselves.

Lastly, we must advance those dreams. This is where our commitment comes in. The commitment to do whatever it takes to win for our co-workers our customers and the community. We teach and understand and empathize guiding our people to the dreams they desire and deserve by connecting them with information, strategies and even mentors.

Lets All Be The Leaders We Wish We Had

Helping People Live Better Lives

That’s It